Thermal Insole

The Thermal insoles are detachable for use in cold climate. These can be used in Multipurpose Boots and also with indigenous Boot Combat Rubber for use in High Altitude and Glacier area of low temperature up to -50 degree Celsius.

These can be used for walking, climbing, mountaineering, glacial traversing, skiing etc. These soles are help improve the protection level of toe and feet of users from cold/numbness and for providing adequate warmth and comfort for minimum 8 hours of continual usage.

These soles are multi layered with cushioning, thermal insulating and cold shielding materials which are bounded together by mechanical or heat bounding/moulding means.

The material used in these soles are characterized as cushioning, spacer, heat insulator and heat shielding materials.

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Thermal Insole Front

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Thermal Insole Back

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Thermal Back-Front


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